Green Tea...yummy!

I am a total tea-aholic♥ since ... I can remember!! I drink lots and lots of tea every single day. I drink it from huge beer mugs on the left >>>  it's from IKEA. Love it ♥.
Since the start of 2011, I have been drinking green tea every day. And I noticed that my skin is now even smoother and I have less occasional blemishes. But I have to mention that I do also drink plenty of water each day, I eat the recommended 2 fruits a day (mostly mandarins and/or apples). These also help you get healthier skin and body.

Back to green tea, the miracle discovered in China many decades ago.
** Beauty benefits:
Green tea contains natural ANTIOXIDANTS known as polyphenols that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are formed in our body as a byproduct of many vital processes. Free radicals have harmful effects and which are one of the most important reasons why we age.
So ..... green tea helps to fight against aging and promotes longevity! For our skin it prevents wrinkling and skin aging in general. 

** Other benefits of green tea: (also thanks partly due to the wonderful antioxidants)
- It is used to treat many diseases for example multiple sclerosis, depression, Alzheimer and Parkinson.
- It is good for the treatment and prevention cancer.
- It is used to lose weight (by raising the metabolism and increase fat oxidation) GREAT right ?!?!
- It reduces the risk of heart disease!
- It is good for the immune system (great against cold and flu!).

** How much should you drink:
This was kind of difficult to find, but I found that drinking at least 3 cups of green tea each day would be enough to get its beneficial effects. Their are no side effects of drinking green tea. But remember that if you drink to much (>6cups/day) tea in general, you can get palpitations and frequent urination due to caffeine 'overdose'. Although green tea does contain less caffeine that other teas.

 I personally drink 2 big beer mugs per day, that equal about 4-5cups per day. So that is more than enough. And I love the taste! It's just perfect to start your day! ♥
I highly recommend everyone to start drinking GREEN TEA as well. It is truly a medicinal wonder!
Do you guys like green tea? And do you drink it often enough? 
xx, Gia

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