DIY: Glamorous phone case ♥

I have always wanted a really shiny bling mobile phone case. I decided to make one for myself, because I love being creative and making products from scratch. I got a lot of inspiration from the Japanese style where they put lots of cute little parts on the phone case together with pearls and rhinestones. In Japan they refer to something very cute as 'Kawaii'. 
This is my kawaii creation:
I really like as I said many times before ;p ... the romantic feel to spring this year. And that is why I made a combination of flowers and hearts with lots of glits and glamour. I am also in love with pearls. Pearls are so soft and classy. Not to forget the oh so beautiful swarovski rhinestones. ♥

Don't you just love BLING?


  1. just stumbled on your blog! this case is too cute! two of my favorite things.. pearls and roses!

  2. Hi! super thanks! I also love pearls and roses. I custom make these and sell them. You can check out my FB page and see other examples. ;)