Fashionista #1: Kat Graham ♥

So I decided to add something new to my blog... yayyy =D =D. Every month I will be sharing with my readers, who I look up to fashion and beauty wise. Hope you enjoy this and get inspired by all the glamorous fashionista's that are coming. Here is the first!
We know Katerina Graham as Bonnie from the coolest Vampire series ever: The Vampire Diaries. She is a cute and sweet, but powerful witch in TVD. 
[PS. If you don't watch TVD, start now! ;)]
Kat Graham in vampire diaries.
But she has a very sexy and sassy side to her, that we of course do not get to see in the show. 
She is a singer , dancer, performer... she is basically everything! My fav song is Sassy, check it out!. On top of that Kat is a total fashionista. I LOVE♥ her style, very edgy and sexy but still classy and glam. She always amazes me with her outfits and accessories. She is very beautiful and can pull of many many hair styles and makeup looks. Check some of the images below and tell me what you think. 
Kat Graham style on the red carpet wearing silver sparkle dress. Kat Graham style on red carpet wearing white dress and orange lips. Kat Graham style.
Kat Graham photoshoot red and black and gold outfit.

Kat Graham beauty make up pink lips and glitter eye shadow.
Love, love, LOVE her makeup in the last photo!

What do you think of Kat's style? Love it?

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  1. because i dont watch VD, i wasnt familiar with her.
    But omg!! Her style is so amazing! every outfit she had on in her video and every detail of her look blew me away.. Definitely a new fashion icon for me

  2. Yayy :D :D happy you loved her too! She is amazing! ;) Yesss the outfits in her video.. and all the looks amazing! I used to watch that video like every day hahaha.

  3. She is pretty and what an edgy style!!
    I have a somewhat edgy taste, but she really fit the discription! Can't wait for next months diva