Combining products

Not all products we buy are perfect on their own. For example I bought the GLITTER eyeshadow Palette by H&M. It looked amazing in the case and very shiny and shimmery. The packaging is not great, but it looks pretty. The shadows are numbered the from top left to the bottom right.  
Unfortunately you can not test the products in the store. Because it only was about 6euros I decided to go ahead and buy it... and test it at home. Well at first I was pretty disappointed with the eye shadows. They are not smooth, but very chalky and dry. 

As you can see in the photo they are not very pigmented at all. Maybe it looks a bit better on lighter skin. I'm not sure, because of the texture of the product, you will not get a very opaque finish. But I decided to do something with it to still get the best out of this product and not let it go to waist. 

Other products that do not always work out are these liners. They are AVON true color shadow sticks. 

From left to right in the colors: aquamarine, pink ruby, purple lapis and sparkling sapphire. 

These shadow sticks are very very creamy, too creamy...hahahahha. But anyways they are very smooth and creamy applying. Usually I don't use these by themselves because they will crease and ruin the eye make up very fast. But I have to admit that I do really like the shiny colors. 

Solution: combining products
If you combine the H&M shadows with the AVON shadow sticks, they are pretty nice and will not crease that easily. Below you can see the numbers of the palette shadows applied on top of the AVON sticks creamy base. For the shadows 9, 10, 7 and 5, I used the eyeshadow base by LA Splash, because these colors would not look good on a base in a different color.
I especially like the #2, 1 and 7. I used 1 in my bright eye look and number 7 in the NYE look.

I hope this was very helpful and inspiring. Work with what you have and try combining products to get the  look/finish you want.

Have you tried out the shadows by H&M? How do they work for you?
xx Gia


  1. Hi, the colors combine are very cool. I love the purple one and I think if you blend them together it in a look it would be even more awesome. I have some eyeshadow's that are not very good either, so I guess I should try combining them together. Good job ;)

  2. Hi! Yes I love the purple as well. It gets very pigmented when put on top of a creamy base. I love bright and rich colors. ;)You should definitely try combining products out, it usually works out really good. Thanks for the nice comment :)

  3. I spotted this palette when I was clothes shopping in H&M and the colours were so shiny and pretty I decided to buy it. However when I got home I was really disappointed to discover that the colour that you see in the packaging is only a shimmery top-coat, and the true colour of the shadows underneath is completely different. I don't even think that this palette is that glittery! I feel a bit deceived actually, and I'm not sure I'd buy any make-up from H&M again.
    Thanks for your blog entry though, I will maybe try to get some use out of this palette by wearing it on top of different eye-pencils.

  4. Hi!.. thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with you. I don't think I'll be buying any make-up from H&M again either. I hope combining products works for you too ;) =D