BEAUTY SECRET: shaving your face

As a fashion & beauty lover I read many blogs everyday. The one I'm hooked on is cocoperez. 
Recently he posted some interesting news: 
Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor's beauty secret!!

Celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville revealed that the two gorgeous women would shave their face to exfoliate. She also says that hair growing back darker after shaving is a total myth!

I can totally understand that shaving would exfoliate. Wanna try it out? To make sure you don't get any stubbles, you would have to shave frequently AND make sure your face is clean before and after shaving! Besides that the blade your using needs to be sterile (tip: spray alcohol on it and dry it using fire). 
This of course also helps to prevent irritation and mild infections caused by dirt and bacteria clogging pores and little 'cuts' you make by shaving. Maybe try going to a professional is the best way to start. Professional method is called: derma planing / epidermal leveling / blading. This is basically the same as shaving. It removes the most outer layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth, supple and vibrant. 

This is nothing for me, I'll keep using my regular cream/gel exfoliators or facial peeling gels as usual hahaha. Maybe I'll try derma planing when I'm much older. 
What about you? Would you try this method out?                                         [Images via google]

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